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Miproto allows anybody to develop ideas into manufactured products

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We do product design. Whether you have a great product idea, or need a product for your business, we're here to help. Our streamlined process helps us take projects from concept to prototype, and further, in just weeks. We work with all things physical, from the life changing idea you had round the dinner table, to the bespoke corporate gifts and invitations. Anything uploaded to our site is covered by our terms and conditions including non disclosure. This means if you upload something, that is not already common knowledge, we will not share or use this information with anybody but you. To see what we can do to help you, start your new project for a free assessment and to hear our thoughts.

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Stage 01

Rapid Prototyping
£360 1-2 Weeks

Hold your product in 2 weeks! We transform your idea into 3D CAD files, generate photo-realistic images and produce you a 3D printed scaled model, shipped right to your door.

Upload Files

Upload your idea, along with any drawings and files you might have.

3D Printed Model

We’ll 3D print a physical representation of your idea to hold in your hands.

3D CAD Files

We’ll develop a simple 3D computer generated simulation of your product.

Photo-realistic Renders

We’ll generate photo - realistic images of your product from our CAD file.

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Stage 02

Product Development
£500 2–4 Weeks

At this stage we aim to make your product perfect and ready for manufacturing. We also print you another model to make sure you are 100% happy.


Between you and our engineers we’ll decide on up to 10 necessary revisions.

Photo-realistic Renders

We’ll produce some more photo - realisitc renders from the new CAD model.

3D CAD Files

Our engineers will make the changes to your 3D CAD model.

3D Printed Model

We’ll make a new 3D printed model for us to review, then ship it over to your door.

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Stage 03

£POA 2+ Weeks

Whether you want a single finished product or 10,000, we’ll manufacture them in our factory and help you package the product ready for selling.

5 axis CNC

5 axis CNC machines allow for super accurate cutting with incredible detail.


We work hard to make molding affordable - a popular choice for plastic.

Materials & Finishes

We work with a huge range of plastics, metals, wood and finishes - just ask!


We can asemble your product ready for shipping direct to you.

Stage 03 lamp